A fully managed, auto-scaling,
immutable database specialized in events.
Combine the power of an immutable list of events with the comfort of directly working with your business models. Get a view of the state of your system at any given date or make predictions about how your system evolves. Everything available through a modern GraphQL API.
Fully Managed

Sign-up, get your URL, and use it. No infrastructure configuration.
It just works.

Serve a few requests or millions from the first minute.
It auto-scales based on load

Only append data, no update, no removals.
Data analytics paradise.
Specialized in events

Models are updated through events, unleashing the power of a fully event-sourced datastore.

Why Booster Datastore?

“Data is the most valuable asset in the world”
The economist

Booster Datastore has a unique way to store vast amounts of data. By writing domain events but reading domain models, you will have the whole evolution of your system state at your disposal without compromising the day-to-day development of your applications.

Your datastore is completely independent of other customers’. No data is shared across accounts.

Make decisions based on facts, not hunches.

Data is the only source of truth regarding your customers' needs: what they buy, the products they add and remove from the cart before canceling the order, the actions they do before revoking their subscription…

All these are clues that tell you how to improve your business. With Booster Datastore they will be saved as events, allowing you to analyze them and properly plan the next steps to evolve your business.
Debug and audit your applications like never before.

Have you found an inconsistency in the data and you want to know what caused it?

Gone are the days when you needed to inspect the log files and pray that you had written proper log messages to discover the issue. With Booster Datastore you can interactively navigate through each change made to your model and know the exact event that caused the inconsistency.
Use GraphQL mutations to write events that make sense for your business
By using GraphQL queries you can read your models with just the needed fields for your client applications
Enjoy the amazing GraphQL error handling: Did you introduce a wrong field name? It will suggest the right one.
We’re currently developing a beta version of Booster Datastore.
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