Where to use Booster Datastore?
You can do whatever you want with our datastore but here we have some examples as inspiration.
Game development

We really believe that backend gaming services can get very good advantages from Booster Datastore:
1. Track what your users do in a meaningful way: PlayerJoinedWorld,PlayerWasBanned…

2. Analyze your existing events: Do you want to let your players know how your tournament evolved over time? Booster Datastore is for you.

3. Does your video game contain an auction house or a cash shop? Check what your players like the most and give them special offers!

4. Catch bugs and cheaters by exploring your event history. Capture everything and patch based on unexpected event transitions.

Finance systems require immutability, security, and auditing capabilities. All of that is included with Booster Datastore:
1. Never lose your data: In Booster Datastore, data is stored forever.

2. Secure your data: Data can only be added to your datastore, updating and deleting is not allowed.

3. Forget about GDPR regulations, Booster Datastore manages it for you.

4. Audit your data: go back in time and know what happened to your data.
Numbers and calculations

Deal with numbers and calculations separately in a clean separation of concerns
1. We persist number based events  (e.g. TransferMoney event).

2. We build models for your business as calculations of those numbers (e.g. BankAccountBalance model).

3. Datastore's reliability makes calculations accurate (and therefore models).

Learn about your customers' needs and prepare for the future:
1. Catch any problems your customers had based on their actions. Answer the questions that matter: Why did that user abandon his/her cart? Why nobody has bought this product in 2 months?

Study your data: Looking back at your data is one of the most important things you should do to redirect your business strategy and become successful.

3. Don’t worry about the data-layer infrastructure and scaling. Booster Datastore will automatically grow with you.
We’re currently developing a beta version of Booster Datastore.
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